Atelier Hernen

The client's wish to transform an existing barn into a artist´s studio brought about a number of challenges. First of all, the typology of the building is characterized by an extremely limited access of natural lighting. Secondly, the barn would have to be thermally isolated without losing its specific interior qualities with the astonishing wooden framework in sight. And last but not least is the building on the list of dutch monuments, making any drastic changes an fragile undertaking in regards to the permissions to be granted for it. A solution for daylighting was found by completely exchanging the northern part of the roof which had been clad by roof tiles with one gigantic window to the sky.

Three double glazed sheets will be glued to a steel frame that in itself will take on the forces and become part of the integral structural framework of the barn. By this we try to achieve a sober exterior appearance, while giving a maximum of northern daylight to the studio space. The inside of the barn will be isolated with a second skin. Vertical walls will be plastered, and windows will have a modern aesthetic logic which frames the existing ornamental outside window frames in a contrasting way. For the roof we found a special isolating fabric, based on multiple reflecting layers which will allow us to keep the entire package within 3 cm thickness.

By this we accomplish to keep the main, secondary and third level of the wooden structure in sight. The further setup of the interior follows the concept of one big closet. Big enough to walk in, take up a staircase and provide room for bathroom, sleeping space and a kitchen furniture on the ground floor. This keeps the remaining space of the barn free to fill in and the servicing space to a minimum.


client : private
size : 200 sqm
project : 2010-2018
construction : 2010-2018
construction : private
photography : Max Rink